Aug 31, 2017 · @Kitsafari we have Lumholtz Tree Kangaroo in northern Queensland and there was a report of one in PNG by another group. In PNG we saw Doria's, Goodfellows, Huon and Grizzled Tree Kangaroos and there were some other species that we didn't see. @optig more photos of the shows will be along by the weekend.
The Lumholtz’s tree-kangaroo is the smallest of the tree kangaroo species, but one of the largest of the arboreal mammals in Australia. This arboreal species spends most of its life in the canopy of the Australian rainforest. For high rise living, Tree Kangaroos must be agile and nimble, therefore they have regained the ability to walk.
Authors: Lily M van Eden, Chris R Dickman, Euan G Ritchie, and Thomas M Newsome Published in: Biodiversity and Conservation Abstract. Over the last century, changing public attitudes about the value of wildlife have triggered substantial changes in species management that have both benefited and hindered conservation efforts.
This is not a zoo in the traditional sense, but a habitat where animals roam freely in the open in natural habitats. Here you can witness majestic white tigers, lions – the kings (and queens!) of the jungle – zebra, giraffes, brown lemurs, leopards, white rhinoceros and tree kangaroos (an endangered species).