QML Maps. Overview. The Map type allows the display of a map and placing objects within the map. Various points of interest can be defined and added A coordinate encapsulates data for the latitude, longitude and altitude of the location. Altitude is in meters. It also has a method to determine distance...
Full QML-based UI framework available via TerraLens UI; Map display features can be controlled and filtered at runtime; Layering, priority, and transparency controls; Dynamic control over text rotation, alpha blending; Map projections can be dynamically updated and changed at runtime; Easily generate 2D and 3D primitives at run-time
The coordinates property returns the position and altitude of the device on Earth. Tabs Dropdowns Accordions Side Navigation Top Navigation Modal Boxes Progress Bars Parallax Login Form HTML Includes Google Maps Range Sliders Tooltips Slideshow Filter List Sort List.
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