OM.611.980 taip pat turime OM.602.980 Automobilių varikliai pilnais komplektais (purkštukai, dėžės, smagračių komplektai, starteriai, davikliai, viskas kas aplink variklį Turime pardavimui virš 200 įvairių automobilių markių variklių, dalių, greičio dėžių Variklius galime parduoti tiek pilnuose komplektuose...
I presume it's the OM602 lump if it's in a 190 (not big into the Mercedes model line-up), my suggestion would be to look into getting a genuine turbo engine as they supposedly have heavier duty rods fitted. Ideally an OM605 turbo lump, and look into making a hybrid mechanical injection pump using the original n/a mechanical pump.
Are we looking at outright power, speed and torque, function, reliability. All these aspects need to be taken into account. Eg. I would rate the RB26DETT as best 6 cylinder FI for power and speed, but I would not rate it as reliable, it was not made to be a reliable engine, but a powerful engine. B.
For engine OM601, OM602, OM603, OM615, OM616, OM617. For "Pencil" Type. To prevent combustion residues from falling into the combustion chamber, coat the tip with heavy grease and remove and wipe off the reamer as needed.