(i.e. a Python library). We then tune the hyperparameters of the XGBoost i.e. the Extreme Gradient Boosting algorithm on ten datasets by applying Random search, Randomized-Hyperopt, Hyperopt and Grid Search. The performances of each of these four techniques were compared by taking into account both the prediction accuracy and the execution time.
它结合了许多先进算法,如Hyperband算法(最低限度地训练模型来确定超参数的影响)、基于群体的训练算法(Population Based Training,在共享超参数下同时训练和优化一系列网络)、Hyperopt方法和中值停止规则(如果模型性能低于中等性能则停止训练)。
Optimizing an MLP with Hyperband¶ An example for the usage of a model-free Hyperband intensifier in SMAC. The configurations are randomly sampled. In this example, we use a real-valued budget in hyperband (number of epochs to train the MLP) and optimize the average accuracy on a 5-fold cross validation.
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