Microsoft Teams Demo: Teams Basics. In this guided tour, you will get an overview of Teams and learn how to take some key actions. Follow along by selecting the advance arrow on the cue cards or by selecting the highlighted features. Time to complete: 5 minutes. Select your experience
If you want to download Microsoft Teams recordings, first play a meeting recording in Stream, and then click on Download After the recording was uploaded to Microsoft Stream, the recorder is the owner of the video and the people in How do I download Microsoft Teams recordings? Method 1.
Microsoft Teams recently announced that it would have custom backgrounds on the video calls on its Twitter handle. Image Source: Microsoft 365 Official Twitter Steps To Microsoft Teams Change Background On Video Calling. Step 1: Make sure you are opening the Microsoft Teams application on your device as it is not currently available on the web ...
Review the Photo Examples to see examples of acceptable and unacceptable photos. Photos copied or digitally scanned from driver's licenses or other official In addition, snapshots, magazine photos, low quality vending machine or mobile phone photos, and full-length photographs are not acceptable.