We played a lot of games against two of the best druids on the battlegroup and their 3v3 teams over the past few nights and I want to give credit where it's due. Mounsif, who is in my opinion the best druid on bg5 and Brahz, who is a pretty close (or maybe distant :P) second are harder to play against than any other healer, including other ...
3v3: 2306 rating (2500+ MMR) on PandaWoW (Plus, also got Gladiator in fifth arena season on PandaWoW). Now, lets go through the history of this specific class specialization before we start the guide. IMPORTANT TIP - You cannot remember all of these steps at once. If you keep having trouble learning demonology, you can always open up
The 2v2 bracket is pretty active and there are special nights where 3v3 is done. There are some 5v5 teams but it's not worth mentioning. I think there is about 3 of those in total.
Whether you’re mad or glad about the relative lack of difficulty, the Arena has never been so easy for F2P players to 3v3. However, before we get into specific comps and strategies you can follow in order to guarantee a victory, I’ll detail a few general ideas for you to incorporate into your own teams for this event.